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WaifuMasterMRG’s app-like eroge My Rental Girlfriend is available on

My Rental Girlfriend was inspired by the anime and manga series Rent-A-Girlfriend. The concept follows the idea of renting a girlfriend to spend time with, like in the anime, but this game adds an adult twist to it. In the game, you can rent a cat-eared girlfriend named Mieko. WaifuMasterMRG does plan to add more girlfriends to the game eventually, but as of right now, there is just Mieko. You can spend time with Mieko and she will tell you about herself.

If you start a JOI Session, Mieko will instruct you on how you should masturbate. She will ask you to do things such as licking your fingers and stroking yourself a certain number of times. These instructions will either have a timer or you will have to click the done button once you have finished your task. There is also a Break button to give yourself a short break so that you can continue the session without cumming too early and a cum button to end the session early. Once you complete all your tasks, Mieko will appear before you, completely naked and ask you to go over the edge and cum.

You can customize the JOI sessions and arrange how long each session should take and what kinks you want to appear. Since My Rental Girlfriend is in its early stages of development, many of these are missing and others are only available for Patreon patrons. There are eight kinks, seven pain kinks, and eight accessories in the game. Two of the kinks are available immediately. Others require that you become a patron, but you will need more intimacy with Mieko before you can use them.

Sessions your rental girlfriend are not the same each time, with the ability to set the percentage chance for each kink to trigger and how frequent it will happen. You can increase intimacy with them by doing more actions with her. In later builds, there are plans for Mieko’s personality to change depending on what you do with her.

Dating, Story & The MRG World

MRG takes place in a simulated universe where you can date and explore with your girlfriend till your heart content!

- (In Progress) VN style story-dating. Get to know their stories, background and their life in the MRG Universe!

- (In Progress) Simulated locations such as the Cinema, Cafes, Love Hotels, Museum for dates, etc

- (In Progress) Options & Consequence! During dates, it's beneficial to know their hobby, birthdates, etc as choosing the right/wrong one will impact their "Closeness with you"

- (In Progress) Schedules and public places. You don't need to date them to visit public places. Sometimes you just visit the location and something may happen!

You can play the public build of My Rental Girlfriend for the Android, PC, and Mac on If you enjoy it, consider checking out WaifuMasterMRG’s Patreon.

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