a long fap ago on a pornsite far far away...

Forge a bond with a woman looking for a home in Lipplen’s Kamimachi Site – Dating story, a dating sim now available on Denpasoft.

Kamimachi Site – Dating story is a romance drama about the relationship between a young man and a woman he met on an online message board. The titular message board, Kamimachi, translates to “waiting for god” and serves as a place where users can ask others for help. The protagonist finds a post on the board made by a young woman who’s looking for a place to live, offering to cook, clean, and do other things in exchange. Wanting to meet her, the protagonist invites her to his home and lets her stay there.

The game is divided into three parts. The adventure segment tells the story of how the protagonists’ relationship developed throughout their first meeting. This is followed by the teasing segment, where the player has to discreetly molest the sleeping heroine without letting her wake up. Finally, the last segments showcase the pair having sex, during which the player can change scenes using the Numpad.

Kamimachi Site – Dating story is a short game composed of two hundred pre-rendered video clips, divided into fifty-seven chapters with a branching narrative, featuring multiple alternate scenes.

“I will cook and clean for you… and do other things besides, so please, ‘save me’.”

This is an erotic story that begins with a message a girl leaves on a message board called “Kamimachi Site”.

* Adventure part

This part is short, starting with your meeting with her and

ending when she falls asleep, but there are some naughty situations too.

* Teasing with the mouse part

As she sleeps, use your hands (via the mouse) to do various

things to various parts of her, careful to not wake her up.

* Sex part

This is where the “real” fun begins!

You can control the movies with the numerical keypad, so you have your other hand free.

This is the flow if the game.

Heroine voice acting: Koto Kinoshita

Ending theme: Chata

Kamimachi Site – Dating story is now available on Denpasoft for the promotional price of $15.19, where it will later cost $18.99 at full price. The game also released on Steam in the past, where it's available for the promotional price of $12.59 until May 6th, at which point it will cost $17.99. Screenshots in the gallery above have been taken from the game's Steam Community Hub.

To play Kamimachi Site – Dating story, you will need to install the Adobe AIR runtime, available on Harman International's website.

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