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A young man is granted the power of metamorphosis in Weird World’s Superhuman, an action horror visual novel currently in development.

Superhuman is an urban fantasy visual novel with horror themes. The protagonist is a college freshman who got accepted into an exceedingly exclusive college thanks to his dad’s shady connections. Before his first day there, the young man goes out to party with friends, meets an unusual woman, and ends up assaulted by monsters who inject him with an unknown substance.

This event grants our protagonist the power of metamorphosis. He can change any part of his body to his liking, and even produce new ones. These powers are a fun discovery at first, but the mystery surrounding them proves extremely dangerous. Mentions of monster sightings keep increasing in the news, serving as a warning that more superhumans are being created over time. People who know about these powers quickly begin hunting the protagonist, and if that wasn’t enough, he also has to worry about his life at the college campus.

Superhuman is being developed by Weird World. If features a frequently branching narrative and a stats system, with the protagonist being able to improve their capabilities in various areas, which determines their success in most dangerous situations. Being able to change their appearance at a whim, the protagonist enjoys the bodies of different people throughout the story, both by themselves and with others.

After a crazy run in with two supernatural monsters, you, an 18 year old boy, have ended up a superhuman freak with the ability to shapeshift!!! You must come to terms with your new powers and use them for good, for evil, or just for fun!

Don't get too comfortable though, the monsters that you thought were a once in a lifetime occurrence are showing up all over the world, even on the news. It's only a matter of time until someone else gets their own set of superhuman powers! Keep your identity safe and don't neglect strengthening your powers!

The latest public release of Superhuman is available on Itch.io for PC and Mac. If you’d like to learn more about the project and support it, you can do so on Weird World’s SubscribeStar or Patreon. Those who pledge $5 or more will gain early access to the future updates.

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