Fapping is more than just a game

Use your mysterious camera app to find the differences of subspecies in Erophone, now available on Steam.

Developed and published by CreamCatGame, Erophone is a spot the difference game where you use your character's phone to find differences between the girl on the phone's screen and the one in front of you. When you download a camera app on the phone, you discover that the app can reveal the true forms of subspecies. You don’t know all the functions of this app or how to use them, but you’re eager to find out. Uncover their secrets, but be warned, your snooping will be met with resistance.

In this animated 2D nukige, you pick a location where a subspecies girl is and meet up with her. Your phone will be on the left side to show you what she really looks like. Since the camera app doesn’t capture a full image of her, you will need to move your phone around and zoom in and out wherever needed. When you spot a difference, touch the spot on the girl to reveal it. Some differences may be difficult to find because the subspecies is in a position blocking the view. Tap her or around her body to get her to shift and flinch. These reactions will give you enough time to find what you’re looking for. There are a variety of subspecies girls that range from mouse girls, ghosts girls, and robot girls.

Game Story

·There is a camera app on my phone that I forgot to download·Through this app, I can find some guys who are absolutely indistinguishable by ordinary people. I call them subspecies

·In addition to this, there are some functions I haven't figured out, how to use them... What should I do with those subspecies.

Game Features

Find different ways to play ingeniously.Top-notch 2D animation performance.

You can find Erophone for purchase on Steam at the discounted price of $2.99. After May 3rd, the sale will end and the price will return to its usual $4.99. The 18+ DLC can be found to download via CreamCatGame’s Twitter post.

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