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Redamz, Developer of Monster Girl Island, Is Leaving Patreon

Redamz decided to leave after being told by Patreon that they needed to make changes to Monster Girl Island.

On April 27th, Redamz made a post, stating their intent to leave Patreon. After Redamz returned on April 1st from a break, Patreon made requests for them to make changes to Monster Girl Island, a 3D adventure game where you wake up on an island inhabited by monster girls. Among the changes Patreon wanted was that Ara and Faranne not be adoptive sisters if they are sharing a sex scene together. Redamz stated that they never had intended to make any changes to the game and refused to go against their vision.

After mulling it over, Redamz has chosen not only to leave Patreon, but to also not head over to another website, such as SubscribeStar, Pixiv, or Fanbox. Thanks to the support of their patrons through the years, Redamz is able to work on Monster Girl Island at a more steady pace. The game will be developed more efficiently, but there will be fewer updates and no more WIP builds. When it comes to the final release of Monster Girl Island, Redamz might release the game in two parts, with one part being the first game and the other one being the sequel.

I've been dwelling these pasts couple weeks on whether I wanna give Patreon the middle finger in some grand way, but I honestly, don't care. If you all wanna fight the injustice I support you, but I'm too jaded to do anything.

I could easily go to subscribestar or pixiv fanbox, but honestly, I don't need it. You guys have been beyond awesome these past years and I'm grateful. Thanks to your help I can easily finish MGI at my own pace.

I can work much more efficiently if I don't have to show constant progress. As useful as it is, I don't wanna rely on crowdfunding ever again, though as I said, I'm really really grateful to you all.

You can read Redamz's full post on Patreon. You can support them by checking out the prologue of Monster Girl Island on and Steam.

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