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Coerce your master for your pleasure as you fight the Demon King in dorgel’s Spheria's Familiar, an adult isekai RPG published by WASABI entertainment on Steam.

In Spheria's Familiar you play as a young man with no perspectives in life. Being jobless and uneducated, the protagonist had few opportunities waiting for him in the modern world. Things might be finally looking up for him, though, as he’s summoned to a parallel universe to take the role of a magical girl’s familiar. Spheria plans to stop the Demon King’s resurrection and needs help to do so. However, she’s not allowed to banish her familiar once it’s summoned. The protagonist quickly decides to abuse that fact to coerce the heroine into doing lewd things for his enjoyment.

The game follows a classic JRPG formula with turn-based combat. A large portion of the Demon King’s army is composed of weak monsters that can be slain in a single strike. Unfortunately, some demons are stronger than that, especially the king’s elite henchwomen. Once defeated, these demon henchwomen will submit to the protagonist, and become available as summons in battle to aid you further in combat, with each of them possessing unique skills at your disposal. The player can abuse their master as well as the conquered servants of the demon lord, which may sometimes grant them additional benefits in combat. On the other hand, if the team loses in a fight, Spheria will be abused by the monsters that defeated her.

This game is a fantasy RPG featuring a modern-day NEET (uneducated, unemployed young man) summoned into a parallel universe by a magical girl to become her sadistic Familiar and create havoc!

The protagonist of the story goes on a journey with his master, the magical girl, to stop Demon King's resurrection.

Within his journey, the protagonist comes to the truth behind his summoning.

Game Features:

・A turn-based magical fantasy RPG

・Easy battle system

Battle against weak enemies is done in an instant with a single attack

・The Demon King's Henchwomen

They are strong enemies, but once you defeat them, you can summon them in battles at any time and deploy their special attacks.

・Multiple endings

How this story ends will depend on what choices you make.

・Clearing the game unlocks the Debug Mode!

Using the Debug Mode will break the game.

Spheria's Familiar is now available on Steam for $15.99. Adult content for the game has to be installed separately using a patch available on WASABI entertainment’s website, the patch link being an option for スフィリアの使い魔.

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