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Vosmug’s side-scrolling shooter Xenotake gets released on an updated engine on Itch.io.

Xenotake is a 2D exploration shooter originally released in 2014. You play as a rookie COAS soldier, or Counter Alien Operations Squad for short, named Eerien. On her first mission with the squad, she is tasked with fighting her way through countless swarms of sex-crazed aliens, saving any captured humans, finding out what the aliens are scheming, and putting a stop to it. While everyone was attempting to infiltrate the alien ship, Eerien was the only one who managed to make it on board, leaving the rest of the COAS soldiers were locked out. Now Eerien needs to complete the mission on her own despite being highly inexperienced.

The gameplay consists of shooting the aliens with your gun and dashing to avoid their attacks. Explore through the ship and fight off an assortment of alien enemies. While the layout can be a bit confusing for some people, Vosmug has provided a map, to help those who may get stuck. There have been more updates and changes to the game since it was released back in 2014. Vosmug has done some graphical fixes and minor bug fixes. Additionally, the CGs have been redone and increased to a higher resolution.

New in this version:

- Minor graphical fixes.

- Minor bug fixes

- Fully redone and higher resolution CG images.

- Difficulty overall slightly reduced.

You can purchase Xenotake on Itch.io for a price of $4.00 or more, should one choose to. If you already own the 2014 version of the game and wish to upgrade to the recent version, check out Vosmug’s blog post for more details. We also have a review of the 2014 version of Xenotake if you would like to read more about the old version.

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