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Milkfactory’s visual novel of voluptuous fantastical beauties, OPPAI Academy: Big, Bouncy, Booby Babes!, is being published by Frontwing.

OPPAI Academy: Big, Bouncy, Booby Babes! follows the dreamy-eyed Takumi, a young man who fantasizes a lot and aspires to be a best selling erotica novelist, dominating the literary world. One day, his sister came bursting into the bathroom while he was taking his usual two-hour bath, thinking about new plot ideas for novels. She expressed her frustration with him, but Takumi was used to her lashing out at him like this. He was more amused than anything else. As a prank, Takumi’s sister decides to raise the bath's thermostat to its highest setting. Unfortunately, something strange starts to happen. The bathtub sounds like it is about to explode, alarms go off, and Takumi watches his life flash before his eyes — then everything goes black.

When Takumi comes to, he somehow falls into a large pool of water filled with big-boobed girls in bikinis. Some of the girls appear to be from a different species and are able to use magical abilities. To him, this must be Heaven, full of girls that will instantly fall in love with him. Sadly, reality isn’t that kind, leaving him to escape the pool from a barrage of their nonstop attacks. Takumi later finds out that he was reincarnated in this new world as a student of the Yggdrasil Girls’ Magical Academy. It’s a prestigious school for girls with magical talent and Takumi is the academy's first male student. Can he complete quests and claim the hearts of various girls around campus?

After the game’s prologue, you'll be allowed to choose from a selection of main heroines. Pick one girl and play her scenes to follow parts of her story. As you complete scenes, more will be unlocked. Choose which girl you want to start with, and whether you want to play in a more linear fashion or swap between girls. You decide how you want to progress in the game.

"Get reincarnated into a fantasy world and use your magic to get all the girls!

In the fantasy visual novel, "OPPAI Academy: Big, Bouncy, Booby Babes!", you take on the role of the protagonist Takumi, who has reincarnated into another world and has started to attend a magic academy. Clear various quests to progress the story, and capture the attractive heroines' hearts along the way!"


Nice and simple - just select the heroine whose scenes you want to play!

After finishing the prologue, you can progress through the story by selecting one of the main heroines from the character select screen. The more scenes you finish, the more new scenes become unlocked. Within one chapter, you get to choose four character scenes, either with the same heroine or with different ones. Feel free to start with your favorite characters, or save them for last—it's up to you!

OPPAI Academy: Big, Bouncy, Booby Babes! is set to release sometime in May 2021 on Steam.

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