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A young man discovers a world of depravity after being adopted by a millionaire woman in C's Ware’s Fatal Relations, a visual novel published by Kaguya on Itch.io.

Fatal Relations is a visual novel originally released by C’s Ware for PC-98 PCs in 1993 and Windows PCs in 1995. The story follows Oosato Ken, a young man who recently became an orphan. Hayami Reiko, a widow who inherited a large business, offers to adopt Ken, who eventually agrees. He soon arrives at Hayami’s mansion, where she lives with her five daughters and a maid, each of whom owns a room the size of an apartment. The family is unassuming at first, but Ken soon discovers that the rich women mainly wants sexual gratification from him. With every passing day, he begins to fall further into depravity, as his new mother and sisters continuously invite him to have sex with them.

The publisher Kaguya has since released an English version of Fatal Relations on Itch.io. They intend to port the title onto a new engine in the future after they finish doing the same for another PC-98 title they've released on Itch.io, Amy’s Fantasies. Fatal Relations offers hours of content, original Japanese voice acting for the heroines, and more than sixty CGs.


Your parents died and your fate changes when a millionaire wants to adopt you, so you naturally jump at the chance. You move into her mansion right away, and a charming old widow and her lovely daughters meet you. The sweet smell of her daughters lures you into a world of pleasure. As you drown in unbelievable pleasure, you learn their secret. It is simply...


• Hours of Content

• Original Japanese Voices (Coming Soon)

• More than 60 CGs

You can download Fatal Relations on Itch.io for free. If you’d like to support the project, you can make a donation during check-out. Those who pledge $5 or more will be granted Early Access to the port of the game in the future, which will be sold for $9 upon release.

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