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Defeat girls in a game of Tetris to win their affection in Pirates Of The Digital Sea’s Gamer Girls, a puzzle game now available on Steam.

Gamer Girls is a puzzle game that blends the familiar gameplay of Tetris with a romantic comedy story, presented in the style of a visual novel. The protagonist is a college student who gets invited to join the local gaming club in their latest competition: a Tetris tournament. One of the protagonists’ friends talks him into trying the game and offers him a private cam show if he can manage to clear the first three levels. After receiving such an unusual reward, the hero feels compelled to see the competition through and joins in officially.

The game consists of twenty-four, challenge-based Tetris levels, each featuring a pattern of gray blocks in the field. To win the game, the player has to get rid of the gray blocks by stacking blocks and clearing lines. Each level is followed by additional story narration explaining the relationship between the protagonist and the girl he’s currently facing against. There are eight heroines in total, each featuring animated sprites displayed during dialogue and gameplay, as well as an animated erotic scene.

Our Gamer's Club is full of sexy loveable girls! Will you solve the puzzle into their panties?

"Gamer Girls (18+)" is a game combined with pretty girl, visual novel and awesome mechanics. This is a casual block puzzle game. Cute and sexy girl in two different states. You need to solve the puzlle to move the whole storie.

Game features

◆Rich stories, up to 8 heroines’ stories.

◆Using animation technology, let our character CG move!

◆Exquisite images, extraordinary visual feast.

Gamer Girls is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $1.59 until April 26th, at which point it will cost $1.99.

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