Putting the D in the double D.

Date unpredictable monsters in Art Witch Studios’ Love Sucks: Night One, a free visual novel now available on Steam.

Love Sucks: Night One is a romantic comedy-drama following an unassuming young man who’s put into an amazing, yet equally terrifying situation. The protagonist is a typical student and, like many of his peers, has his eyes on the hottest girls in class: the kindhearted Anna and the aloof, but ambitious Jan. He wouldn’t ask the girls out himself, knowing they’re far out of his league, but to his surprise, the pair ended up approaching him instead. Asked out to the upcoming Halloween party by the school’s biggest beauties, he accepts without hesitation.

Not long after that, the protagonist is approached by another woman, the angsty and mysterious Naomi. As she explains, monsters roam the world in human disguises and these two girls are more than they seem. As it turns out, Anna is a succubus and Jan is a vampire, with the two suspected to have acquired an artifact that requires human sacrifice to operate. Naomi is part of an organization that’s meant to keep monsters in check, but she can’t currently interfere with the situation. With Naomi’s warning in mind, the protagonist engages in a dangerous game of cat and mouse: he’s either going to find love or serve as sacrificial fuel.

Previously, we had featured Love Sucks: Night One during its original release on Itch.io in the previous year. Since then, the game has seen a slew of updates, with even more improvements still on the way. The visual novel covers the first of three nights the protagonist will spend with the monstrous girls. There are many vanilla sexual encounters featured throughout the branching story, as well as blood and death in the game's bad endings.

Love Sucks: Night One is now available for free on Steam as well as on Itch.io, where you can also play in your browser.

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