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DMMGAMES’ recently-released gacha strategy game, Eiyu Senki WW, has been censored in its release on Nutaku.

Eiyu Senki WW is a gacha strategy RPG developed by DMMGAMES, based on Tenco’s Eiyu*Senki franchise. In the game, you play as an amnesiac man fished out from the sea by the ambitious Date Masamune, who adopts you as her brother and employs your skills in her campaign to conquer the country of Zipang. In doing so, Date discovers a larger threat to the world and embarks with you on a campaign of conquest to save everyone from potential doom.

The game has players collect heroines through its paid gacha system, each representing a notable figure from history or mythology, always portrayed as female. The player can then arrange brigades of up to six heroines and deploy them onto the battlefield. These brigades can be moved through the field to collect items or engage enemy forces in turn-based battles. When battles take place, the player is sent to a grid-based combat map, where they can issue orders to their units, such as attacking specific targets, using special abilities, or repositioning themselves on the field.

Victories reward the player with currencies and resources used to upgrade characters in various ways. The player may also acquire gifts, which can increase the affection of a heroine who receives them. Doing so unlocks chapters of her personal story, which are often narrated and may contain erotic scenes. Completing these may also unlock new abilities for the heroines, giving players all the more reason to raise affection with all members of their army.

Eiyu Senki WW launched on Nutaku last week, just one part of a larger series. The series is known not only for its strategic combat system and grand approach to storytelling, but also its unique art style, which often features petite characters just as often as more shapely women. This has caused some issues, leading to the game’s art being altered to meet the platform’s guidelines. The news was revealed by the official English Twitter account for Eiyu Senki WW:


We don't have exact information as to which pieces of artwork have been changed and to what degree. So far, it seems that no CG was outright removed during the censorship process. Instead, it seems that pictures have been rearranged and edited in order to make certain characters’ appearances more ambiguous. In other cases, parts of the character's bodies have been obscured by a white fog. Twitter user Morgan Menear posted a comparison picture of a CG from the Western and Japanese versions of the game, while user mspl posted an example of how the fog was used. These changes have been implemented on top of the game's pre-existing use of mosaic censorship.

You can play the English release of Eiyu Senki WW on Nutaku. The game uses a free-to-play payment model, offering free access to story content as well as additional purchasable services, including randomized unlocks of heroines.

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