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A mercenary duo’s ship crashes on a tropical island planet in Sunwave Hotel, an adventure visual novel currently in development.

Sunwave Hotel is a point-and-click visual novel where you play as Xun, a mercenary that works together with another fellow mercenary, Kuhno. While the two were on a mission by a crime lord, their ship crashed on a tropical island planet and now it needs repairs so you can get back to work. On the island, you'll encounter a variety of aliens who have gathered from various planets. If you help them with their problems, they might help you back in return. Although, while you’re stuck in the land of paradise, you're bound to get caught up in temptation and corruption that'll make you lose focus. Will you make it back to space and complete your mission successfully or end up savoring your sudden vacation?

In the game, you will be able to move from one location to the next as you unlock them, which can be done by speaking to other characters and completing their requests. Some events in the game are triggered by either location or time of day while accessing the H-scenes, is done by choosing the correct responses. If you fail to do that, you can always view them in the game's “Not So Secret Gallery”, located at the Beach Gate. Not all of the H-scenes are available for a limited time, and certain ones can even be encountered more than once. Sunwave Hotel features animated H-scenes, with the choice to either play the scene with the dialogue box and animations or just watch the animations without dialogue. After the scene ends, you can either replay it or close the scene and continue on with the game.


- Handjob

- Blowjob

- Masturbation (male and female)

- Anal

- Lesbian

- Voyeurism

- Group

- Toys

- Bondage

- Facials

You can play the demo of Sunwave Hotel on Itch.io. If you enjoyed it, consider checking out the game’s Patreon page for more.

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