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Furry Tale has released Lovely Overseer, a dating sim following a furry lieutenant and his talented new recruits, on Steam.

We first wrote an article about Lovely Overseer back in August of 2020, when the game was opened on Kickstarter for the second time by Flaming Firefly and Furry Tale. The game follows Aster, a lieutenant working under the mistress Neoma. He is in charge of overseeing three magically talented individuals within the closed off walls of the military academy. While these individuals are very gifted in magic, they can unfortunately lose control when placed in stressful situations. Aster must teach them to control their abilities so that they will pass the final test. If they fail, the recruits will be considered dangerous and be isolated from society.

Balance your work and personal life properly while maintaining your role as lieutenant. While mistress Neoma tells you to use force against your recruits if needed, it's up to you to decide whether you want to be cruel or considerate to them. However, be careful of mistress Neoma’s sadistic tendencies, as she relishes in punishing the guilty and those who don’t follow her orders. When you have free time, you can spend time with one of your recruits and pursue a romantic relationship with them. If you are daring or maybe a masochist, you can try to date your superior, mistress Neoma.


- 4 girls with unique personalities that you can form a romantic bond with, each with their own background and storyline

- Fully animated characters and cut-scenes (Full HD)

- Manage your day wisely and be careful to balance your work and personal life

- Dive into the atmosphere of the game thanks to the great music and beautiful backgrounds

You can purchase Lovely Overseer on sale from Steam for $13.49. After April 19th, the sale will end and the price will return to its normal $14.99. There is a demo if you want to try it out for yourself first, as well as a free 18+ DLC available on the Steam store.

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