If it's a hole, it's a goal.

A group of independent developers known as Horncore Studios is working on a pair of erotic action and puzzle games: N.O.O.D.S. and FLICK CLUB.

Horncore Studios is an independent adult games studio comprised of a diverse group of artists, programmers, and creators, with a focus on creating erotic games with lovable and consenting characters. Their first project is the action platformer, Naked Operatives Overthrowing the Dictatorship with Sexuality, known as N.O.O.D.S. for short.

In N.O.O.D.S., you play as a naked and horny special agent, traversing through a cyberpunk city while fighting robots and saving people being restrained by their clothing. The game is heavily reliant on its traversal mechanics, with the operative being able to repeatedly jump off walls, do dive kicks, and slide about on the ground, even sliding beneath taller enemies. The heroine’s weapon squirts out lube that destroys robots and covers the ground, allowing the player to slide even faster.

The story of N.O.O.D.S. takes place in a futuristic cyberpunk dystopia, where a mega-corporation has taken away people’s right to reproduce and has enslaved them into forced labor. The titular N.O.O.D.S. make it their mission to fight in the hopes of freeing everyone from this tyranny. The game is being written and directed by Brad Brown, creator of the lewd musical webcomic The Rock Cocks.

You can try out the demo for N.O.O.D.S. on Itch.io.

Horncore Studios’ second project is a puzzle game named FLICK CLUB. Designed by Heptagon, the game challenges its players to shift tiles along a grid to create a matching horizontal or vertical line. Every time they do so, a coin spawns, and if you create a line out of those, you'll be one step closer to victory. The game features various modes, such as challenge levels where your number of moves is limited, time trials where you try to undress your character as quickly as you can, and even a hectic two-player mode. The PvP mode introduces effect cards that the player selects by matching their respective tile types, and then plays by clearing a line of coins. Some cards reduce the opponent’s health, while others make the game more difficult for them.

FLICK CLUB features a cast of four playable characters eager to undress and a plethora of cosmetic unlocks that change the look of the game board. Future versions of the game will include four more characters, a story mode, more animations, and even more unlockables.

You can check the latest public demo of FLICK CLUB on its respective Itch.io page.

You can find out more about Horncore Studios on their Patreon page. Supporters of the studio will gain access to early announcements, work-in-progress materials, and early demo releases.

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