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Nostalgia’s dating sim for fans of cute girls who wear glasses, Girls in Glasses is now available on Steam.

Girls in Glasses is a slice of life dating sim where you play as Hidekazu Akechi, a second-year student at Sakurahane Academy. Due to the fact his mother passed away when he was young and his father is often away on business trips, he spends most of his time alone, but he's never minded it. Spring has arrived and a new school year has started. The cherry blossoms petals are falling, but Akechi couldn’t care less. His airheaded childhood friend Kana loves them and tells him that they are a sign of new beginnings.

The next day, Akechi oversleeps and is nearly late to school. He meets up with Kotomi Garei, the class president, as she was closing the school gate. She has gained a reputation in school because it’s rare for first-years to join the student council. A rumour has been going around that she has been so focused on work that she hasn’t had time to recruit new members for the student council. Kotomi lectures Akechi on his tardiness as she struggled to close the gate. Akechi goes through the gate and helps her close it. To thank him for the kind gesture, she lets him go with a warning.

When Akechi goes to the library, he sees a quiet girl trying to reach a book on a high shelf. The book falls to the floor and Akechi picks it up for her. The girl introduces herself as Iroha Nenegawa, a third-year student who loves books. After hearing his name, she pondered what kind of person Hidekazu Akechi would be by comparing him to historical and fictional characters. The two of them quickly become friends.

Each day, you will spend more time with these glasses-wearing girls and learn more about them. You can go to different locations to meet up with the girls and talk to them. As you grow intimate with them you will be able to have sex with them. For the H-scenes, the glasses stay on.


- Full voice for all characters excluding the main character

- Simulation-style game: visit different locations to talk to the characters

- Character-specific routes

- All the heroines wear glasses!

You can buy Girls in Glasses on Steam for the discounted price of $7.99. After April 16th, the sale will end and the game will return to its original price of $9.99. You can get the 18+ DLC to restore adult content to the Steam version from Denpasoft for free.

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