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A god descends unto Earth to offer aid in exchange for titjobs in Waffle’s Funbag Fantasy 3if, a nukige visual novel now available for pre-order.

Funbag Fantasy 3if is a nukige comedy set within a fantastical depiction of ancient Rome. The main protagonist is the god of titjobs from the Underworld, Julians. So far, he’s been a largely ignored god, having had few devotees. His fortune starts to change once he’s summoned to the city of Doronium, where a young slave has angered Julians’ sister, Medusa, by stepping on her holy grounds. Julians quickly discovers that the slave didn’t know what she was doing, and appeases his sister. He’s granted titjobs from the city’s most bountiful maidens as thanks, but his coveted pleasures aren’t meant to last for long. The divine laws allow gods to stay on Earth for no more than a few days, and, as such, he’s supposed to return to the underworld soon.

Funbag Fantasy 3if features a twenty hours-long story written by Hiroyuki Kagami, boasting nearly 500 CGs, including their variants, and over nine heroines designed by Q-Gaku.


B-W-H: 97-53-88 Cup: F

A slave of the city council’s member, Canecone.

On her first day as a slave she was cursed by Medusa, but Julinas lifted the curse and even emancipated her.

Since then, she became a priestess in the temple of Julinas.

Paia comes from the breast tribe. Women of this tribe lactate even when not pregnant. Due to this peculiarity, they often get abducted and forced to work as prostitutes.


B-W-H: 101-63-101 Cup: F

The goddess of war of minotaurs and other daemonic tribes.

Minotaurs summoned her to help, but when Julinas defeated the minotaurs, she stopped supporting them.

Later, Ajura missed Julinas so much, that she followed him to the Underworld.


B-W-H: 107-61-99 Cup: I

The goddess of beauty and pleasure who lives in the Empyrean.

Venus is lascivious for an Empyrean goddess. She is composed, cheerful, and very open in sexual matters which is supported by her skillfulness in bed. Word has it, there is no god who does not want to sleep with her.

Although she is famous for many romantic affairs, none of them lasted for long. She was even married before. But the man of her heart, Venus showers with love.


B-W-H: 110-62-101 Cup: J

The goddess of wisdom and handicraft who lives in the Empyrean.

She was the one who turned Medusa’s hair to snakes when the latter boasted she was more beautiful than Athena. As one can guess, Athena is prideful and strict.

She is a virgin and decided to devote her body only to the man she truly respects.

Funbag Fantasy 3if is now available for pre-order on MangaGamer for the promotional price of $40.45, where it will later cost $44.95. The visual novel will release on MangaGamer on May 6th, with a Steam following on May 7th.

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