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A well-meaning friend is tempted by lust in her attempts to help her crush in Lady Lawren - The vacation, now available on DLsite.

In Lady Lawren - The vacation, you play as the titular character, Lady Lawren, a wealthy girl who goes on holiday to the town where Will, her childhood friend, and current crush lives. Unfortunately, Will’s father left him with some unfinished problems, leaving Will too busy to spend time with Lawren. She hates seeing him like this and wants to help out. Around the same time, she also comes across an adult book; what will Lawren do next, and just how will she help Will?

Each day, Lawren will work jobs to help out the warehouse, general store, and mine, with the three jobs taking the form of mini-games. Each job will use up five hearts of stamina, with day turning to night when you have less than six hearts left. If you work at the general store, you'll be taking orders from customers and bringing them the right item before time runs out. If you work at the shipping warehouse, you will be sorting items via memory game. Find all the pairs to each item before time runs out.

You can also go into the mines to fight monsters, where you’ll encounter treasure chests and magic circles that block your path. The chests will either contain a monster or money, while the magic circles will either hurt you and block your path or let you proceed. You'll lose MP if you choose the wrong chest or magic circle, with the paths in the mines being randomized each time you enter. The boss fights are rock, paper, scissor-like battles where you can only win if you have MP. The money you earn can be used to buy upgrades for your jobs such as more time, attack power, MP, outfits, and more.

Additionally, the game features a corruption level that can increase every time you get enough experience. Whenever she encounters a lewd experience, Lawren earns experience points and uses up stamina. These encounters can be found around town and will be hinted at by townspeople. When she reaches a certain level, more lewd events at the three jobs will unlock.

You can buy Lady Lawren - The vacation on DLsite for 880 JPY, approximately $8.04. There is also a demo available that lets you experience for ten days in the game. Make sure you have a Japanese language pack on your PC and your system locale set to Japanese. You can learn more about this on DLsite’s help page.

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