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Eat food, go sightseeing, and unify Shikoku in Flying Panjandrum’s Shikokushi ~food and sightseeing and beauties~, a strategy game available now on DLsite and Steam.

Shikokushi ~food and sightseeing and beauties~ is a strategy game in which you attempt to unify the four prefectures of the Shikoku Island of Japan. The story’s protagonist and governor of Kagawa Prefecture, Jiro Urashima, arrives at the conclusion that the only way to save his prefecture from financial failure is to unite the island as one. Though, there’s no reason why he can’t mix work with pleasure along the way. Together with his deputy governor Onohime Megi, Jiro assembles his army and departs towards the key locations of each prefecture, enjoying the local cuisine and tourist spots along the way.

In Shikokushi ~food and sightseeing and beauties~, the Japanese prefectures are imagined working like independent countries. Having control of the Kagawa Prefecture, the player has to balance and expand their economy and military as they work to unify the island. Each turn the player can adjust what resources are being produced within their territories, and use collected resources to purchase new technologies, that provide access to new units and other bonuses, or to produce armies. Said forces can then be sent to the enemy territory, initiating a turn-based battle over its control.

As the player progresses in their conquest of Shikoku Island, story events will play out in the fashion of a visual novel. The game is highly focused on portraying tourist spots on the island and advertising the local cuisine, featuring over three hundred photos taken throughout the island. During his gourmet trip military campaign, the protagonist will meet a plethora of female characters that will join him in his efforts, share useful information about the island, and become romantically involved with them.


The stage of the story is Shikoku, where decentralized by the prefectures and each prefecture is an independent country.

The leading roles are Jiro Urashima, the governor of Kagawa Prefecture, and Deputy Governor, Onohime Megi.

In order to avoid the financial failure of Kagawa Prefecture, and aim for traveling around and all-you-can-eat-gourmet, the two will push forward to unify Shikoku!


This is a "Regional" control simulation game.

You fight with modern troops such as infantry and tanks, but here is Shikoku.

The economy is poor and the food self-sufficiency ratio is low. And also, important power plants are concentrated in specific areas.

Under such circumstances, when aiming for the unification of Shikoku, you have to conduct internal affairs and expand arms, but also consider the trends of your enemies.

The English version of Shikokushi ~food and sightseeing and beauties~ is available now on DLsite for the promotional price of $16.12 USD (estimated from ¥1,771) until April 30th, at which point it will cost $23.03 USD (estimated from ¥2,530).

The Steam version of the game has also recently received English language support, and is available for $19.99. Adult content for this version of the game has to be installed separately using a patch available on the publisher’s website.

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