Keeping things informal as well as infernal

Run an inn as you lure in unsuspecting guests to rape in Welcome to the Adventurer Inn!, available now.

Welcome to the Adventurer Inn! has you play as a fat, ugly bastard with a dream. He merely wants to impregnate as many beautiful adventurer girls as possible, and he's willing to throw away any sense of morality he has left to achieve it. What better way to do this than run an inn for adventurers? All he needs to do is provide them with a nice room to stay in, good customer service, and delicious food that happens to be laced with some drugs. As long as he keeps his guests happy and maintains the inn’s reputation, everything should be smooth sailing.

Manage your inn and furnish the rooms to your guests’ liking. Befriend your guests to gain their trust so that you can drug and rape them with ease. Hire your own group of adventurers to fight through dungeons, keeping whatever loot they find and bring back. Increase the popularity of your inn so that it can be famous — and your dream of impregnating adventurers can flourish.


A level 99 rape master with 80 prior convictions. The Adventurer Inn is his latest scam, a cover for him to fuck as many female adventurers as possible. Callous and self-centered, he loves objectifying women.


A gentle, meek, and devout priestess, loved by all. She’s come to the inn by divine providence, seeking to fulfill her god’s wishes, but will that remain her goal for long?


A strong and willful warrior with a penchant for cute boys. Famous for her exploits in the arena and unparalleled strength, she visits the inn in search of respite, and maybe a pretty face to let loose with. Though the boy she finds is a little less than cute.


Foreigners come from lands unfamiliar, their goals unknown. Kaede is one such stranger when she knocks on the inn’s door. Her exoticism draws some unsavory eyes, and her ignorance is a prime target for the sleazy innkeeper.


Arle’s awesome power and intimidating appearance may fool some, but even the mighty can be innocent at heart. This powerful lord is on a perilous quest and seeks rest at a nearby inn, until the talons of a predator seeks to take advantage of that naivety.


Foul rumors circulate summoners everywhere they go. Rituals, bloodletting, sacrifices, demons, nothing good seems to follow where they go. Enter Emma, who arrives at the inn enshrouded in mystery, but a certain old man has his sights set a little lower.

You can purchase Welcome to the Adventurer Inn! on sale from MangaGamer for $17.95 and Steam, Denpasoft, JASTUSA, and FAKKU for $17.99. After April 9th, the sale on Steam will end and the price will return to its regular $19.99. If you plan to get the Steam version, don’t forget to get the 18+ patch from Kagura Games to restore the adult content.

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