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Work as a camgirl MILF without showing your face in the multitasking-centric game, Nicole’s Risky Job, now available on Game Jolt.

Nicole’s Risky Job is a game released on April Fools day alongside the joke game trailer of Nicole’s Side Jobs. The trailer featured multiple different mini-games, but only one of them is an actual game, wherein Nicole works as a camgirl who accepts sexy requests for donations.

In Nicole’s Risky Job, you will need to please your paying viewers while also keeping your face off-camera. The levels are set up as stages that have a set tip goal, where you complete requests made by the tippers to reach the goal and clear the stage. Each request might put you in a compromising position, and so you'll need to adjust the camera so that your face isn’t in the shot for too long. If your face is shown for too long, you’ll receive a game over.

When performing a request, you first have to adjust the camera to hide Nicole’s face. Click on the body part that the tipper is requesting. You start off with the two options, pussy and tits, and each option has two corresponding actions. Once you have selected what the tipper wants, rapidly click the button until the request gauge is full.

While working as the source of main entertainment, you will also need to moderate your chat. Above the chat, you will be given a task to delete specific messages. These include messages making requests for free and rude or annoying messages. The chat moves fast and your viewers will get impatient if you take too long to do requests, so try to keep up.

While the game is currently complete, Manyakis Games plans to update it with more stages in the future.

You can play Nicole’s Risky Job for free on Game Jolt. There is also a “Big Breast” version of the game available to Manyakis Games' supporters on Patreon.

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