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Yuri Visual Novel At Your Feet Seeks Funding on Kickstarter

Winter Wolves has launched a crowdfunding campaign for At Your Feet, a yuri visual novel about a foot-loving girl.

Following their success with the crowdfunded project Tales from the Under-Realm: Hazel, independent game developer Winter Wolves has launched a new Kickstarter campaign for their next title, At Your Feet.

At Your Feet is set to be a yuri visual novel about a young college student named Emma. Between her hard work studying and her part-time job giving pedicures at a spa center, Emma hasn’t had much luck finding love in her life. This isn’t to say that she never found a partner, having prior romantic experience under her belt, but even then, she kept her needs bottled up, afraid to reveal her fetish: she adores feet.

Happy with her life as she is, throughout the story, Emma will try to fill the hole in her heart by looking for someone who can understand and address her needs. Life soon grants her an opportunity to do just that, with three lovely women entering into her life: the passionate athlete, Victoria, the goth artist Lucy, and the older, but kind and talented Natalie.

Playing At Your Feet, players will be able to pursue these romantic interests through a branching story, with two endings available for each heroine. The visual novel will feature at least six erotic scenes, and possibly a pedicure mini-game to let Emma buy gifts for her beloved. While feet are the main focus of the story, the visual novel will explore other kinds of erotic scenarios to provide variety for its readers.

Victoria - Victoria is athletic, determined, and passionate about sports and other physical activities. She left college to pursue a career as a professional athlete and it will be up to Emma to either support her choice or convince her that it's better to have a plan B just in case.

Lucy - Independent and strong, Lucy is a feminist, an artist, a part-time DJ, and, of course, a lover of all things goth. Her erotic horror comic books are well known. Add to that the way she acts and dresses and she's practically a celebrity.

But what does she have to do with Emma? Well, turns out they were schoolmates a long time ago. And maybe Emma has forgotten about her, but Lucy certainly didn't forget about Emma.

Natalie - This gorgeous blonde is older than Emma by upwards of ten years, but that doesn't make her any less appealing. Natalie is quite gifted, being a genius in math and a savant on the piano. With a failed marriage behind her, Natalie is ready to start a new chapter in her life. She's never been with a woman before, but meeting Emma will change her life.

The goal of the Kickstarter campaign is to collect €3000, or approximately $3,533. If this goal is exceeded, At Your Feet will be expanded upon with extra content. This includes additional outfits and poses at $4,702 (estimated from €4,000), and higher quality assets at $5,877 (estimated from €5,000). More stretch goals will be added to the campaign if necessary.

You can visit the campaign for At Your Feet on Kickstarter. Those who pledge $17 or more to the campaign will receive a digital copy of the visual novel together and a wallpaper, as well as have their name included in the credits. Other tiers offer even more bonuses, such as access to the soundtrack and artwork DLC, access to the game's beta, guide and artbook PDFs, bonus copies of the developer’s other games, and the ability to design a pin-up image.

The Kickstarter campaign for At Your Feet will last until April 23rd. At the time of writing, the campaign has raised $3,135 of its $3,533 goal.

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