If you build it, they will cum

Reunite with your childhood friend for the summer in the point and click adventure game Summer ~Life in the Countryside~, now available on Steam.

Created by Dieselmine, developer of the stealth game Nightmare School ~Lost Girls~, Summer ~Life in the Countryside~ is a slice of life simulator about visiting your childhood friend Hazuki over summer vacation. You and Hazuki have been friends since you were kids, but you haven’t seen her for a long time after you moved to the city. When a relative of your mother gives you a call, she asks you to return to the countryside to keep Hazuki company while she and her husband go on a trip. You accept the offer, since it’s better than spending your summer vacation in the city.

When you meet Hazuki again you see that she has become quite the curvy and voluptuous adult. While she’s quiet and reserved, she is really curious about sex and wants to make up for lost time. You'll be able to build up your affection with Hazuki and have sex with her everywhere in the house. You can also get her to dress up in her school uniform, school swimsuit, sexy underwear, and more.

An simulation game about reuniting with your childhood friend,

and spending your summer vacation having her.

She doesn't talk much, but she's full of curiosity.

Let's spend a special summer with her in the countryside.


・ You can go to various places with her.

・ You can have various conversations with her.

・ You can enjoy the atmosphere of the Japanese countryside.

You can purchase Summer ~Life in the Countryside~ on Steam for the discounted price of $15.19. After April 1st, the sale will end and the game will return to its retail price of $18.99. There is an 18+ patch available through Dieselmine's Twitter.

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