Fapping is more than just a game

When two couples are in a rut, it’s time to swap wives to satisfy everyone's needs in Infidelisoft’s Swing & Miss, now available on Steam.

Swing & Miss is an eroge visual novel focused around cuckolding, swinging, moral degradation, and femdom. You and your wife Fiona have been married for over a decade and the two of you get along well. One issue that you can’t ignore is that you wish you had more sex with her. Meanwhile, your coworker Davis is having a related situation. He and his wife Kyleigh fuck frequently, but both of them want to take the lead and dominate in the bedroom. That’s when Davis comes up with an idea to swap wives with you so that everyone would match with their compatible sexual sexual partner.

The game focuses on all four characters, but most time will be spent on you, the protagonist. There are also scenes from Fiona’s perspective, but you have the choice to opt out of those in the beginning of the game. You can either follow the story from you and Fiona’s perspective or just your own.

Your wife Fiona is a housewife in her mid-thirties who is great at cooking. She was raised up in a conservative household where she couldn’t talk about sex freely, so she gets embarrassed about the topic. As the story progresses, Fiona will become more comfortable sexually to the point of initiating in the act herself, but how much will this change her?

Kyleigh, Davis’ wife, is an assertive and go-getting woman who works in the fashion industry. Shameless and open sexually, she wants to take on the dominant role during sex and that becomes more prevalent as she spends time with you.

Davis is both your coworker and subordinate. He’s young, spry, and loves his wife very much. However, he also has an interest in your wife too. Davis may have proposed the wife swap idea to benefit both of you, but perhaps he has other intentions.

You can buy Swing & Miss on Steam for the discounted price of $8.99. After April 1st, the sale will end and the price will return to its usual $9.99.

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