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Take on an empire with an army of badass women and alien monstrosities in Studio FOW Interactive’s Subverse, an adult action-strategy game now available on Steam Early Access.

Subverse is a sci-fi action strategy game set in the fictional Prodigium Galaxy. This sector of space is ruled by the Imperium, a prudish totalitarian government founded on religious beliefs. You play as a smuggler and captain who's of the Solarian race, a species from Earth that arrived in the Prodigium Galaxy on a prison shuttle thrown into a wormhole. Exiled to a garbage dump planet, the Solarians soon turned their new home into a paradise of debauchery, and raised enough funds off sex and drugs to build an army. In doing so, they enraged the Imperium, which then nearly eradicated their species.

Long after that incident, the protagonist is contacted by old friends of his, including an Imperial government official. The group wants to abolish the Imperium through guerrilla warfare using mutant soldiers and stolen government funds. You happen to be a walking antithesis of the Imperium's teachings, with loads of combat experience and a military-grade spaceship in your possessions, making you their captain of choice for the operation.

In Subverse, waging the war against a galaxy-wide Imperium is divided into two main gameplay portions: action-packed shoot 'em up segments where you pilot a smaller spaceship fighting alien armadas, and tactical, turn-based operations on foot. The latter portion of the game has you managing a small squad composed of the heroines and their bioengineered companions battling against waves of enemies on grid-based arenas. By defeating enemies in these fights, the heroines gain experience and increase their devotion to you, earning you Pooter Points.

Shortened to PP, these points allow you to unlock new sexual positions for the heroines. The scenes can be then arranged into a series of erotic clips in the game’s P.A.N.D.O.R.A menu, creating a short sex animation featuring the player’s preferred content. The game contains scenes of heterosexual and lesbian sex, as well as ones featuring alien monsters from the player’s army. Unlocking this content is optional, allowing the player to avoid any unwanted scenarios.

Subverse is now available on Steam Early Access for $29.99.

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