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Create peaceful relations with other monster species while completing quests in Monster Ambassador: Redux, available on itch.io.

Monster Ambassador: Redux has you play as the ambassador of your own territory. Your job is to venture into different biomes, encounter monster species, and befriend them so that their ambassadors visit your embassy. Each species starts out as aggressive, they won't welcome you into their territory and will attack you. When you defeat them in battle, your relationship with that species will increase a bit. Once the relationship reaches its maximum, that species will come to the embassy and you can have sex with their ambassador.

To start relations with monsters, you need to enter a biome and start searching for them until one engages in battle with you. Along with using healing potions, you have three other options in battle: seduce, talk, and intimidate. These will attack the monster’s health bar, but only one will work, and you have to figure out which one is effective. Be careful, though, not every monster species wants to be treated the same way. If you get it right, there is the possibility the monster will choose not to attack you. If it does, you can block attacks. To block attacks, circles will appear on the screen. Quickly click all of them before they disappear to avoid taking damage. You're limited in how often you can battle, as you only have so much energy to use each day and every search reduces your energy bar. To refill it, you need to go to sleep and start the next day.

In the options, you can choose to encounter either male, female, or both monster species. Choosing male or female will only give you monster encounters and an ambassador of the gender you choose. If you choose both, two ambassadors will come to the embassy, one male and one female. At the beginning of the game, the human ambassador will give you a pendant to change your gender from male to female and vice versa. Some monsters have their preferences, so you can change your gender to have sex with them.

As you search, more biomes and items will be available to you. You can complete quests for other monster embassies and do work on the job board. This allows you to earn important items that will help you later on or money to buy things in the shop. You can also find stickers for each of the monster species. If you collect all five for one species, more information on that monster will be revealed.


- x3 new monster species

- A new quest - find the ancient writings about the darkness!

- New biome to explore

- Job board

- More nsfw scenes

- Give those rare mountain flowers to an ambassador for a special surprise!


- Mountains & Plains are easier to find, and less likely to encounter paths to once found

- Resting in the mountains restores more energy

- Stickers are easier to find

- Ortin, the Taural ambassador, now gives you the oasis map

- Gift of the Djinn - two options for your choice of assistance

You can play the current build of Monster Ambassador: Redux on itch.io. If you enjoy the game and would like to support its development, consider checking out Kiwi & Melon’s Patreon.

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