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DLsite English Has Merged with DLsite

Japanese doujin site DLsite has merged together with the English version of DLsite into a single, multilingual website.

On February 16th, 2021, DLsite English announced that they will be merging with DLsite, after running independent of each other since 2004.A more doujin and commercial works have been translated to English, and interest from English speakers increased, merging the two sites seemed the better option. On March 15th, DLsite English shut down and, after DLsite ran through maintenance on March 16th, the merger was complete. If you try to access DLsite English, you will be rerouted to DLsite.

Items that were available on DLsite English and DLsite will now be available in one place. Those who have used the former will have access to a larger selection of titles than before. Any purchases you made in the past or points you currently have will not be lost. All your account data from DLsite English has been transferred over to DLsite. This includes your purchase history, reviews, ratings, favorite list and follow list. The payment methods that were available on the old site will also be available on the new one.

As usual, the site is separated into three categories all ages, R-18 (Hentai), and R-18 (BL/TL), with boys love and otome/TL being separated into two subgenres. If you want to find English products on the site, you will need to do an advanced search and put a check mark next to the English label. If you search for certain products, you will only see products in the genre you searched in. Starting an advanced search in R-18 (Hentai) will not get you results from R-18 (BL/TL) and vice versa. You will need to switch over to the other side to find that.

Another change that has been made is that the translation request box has been removed from each product page. On DLsite English, you were able to send in requests for a work to be translated to a specific language; however, now they are no longer available.

You can check out the newly merged and revamped DLsite here.

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