If it's a hole, it's a goal.

A wizard abuses time magic in Hoi Hoi Hoi’s Women Hurt Me Before, But Now I Have 30 Year Old Wizard Powers!, an RPG available now on Itch.io.

Women Hurt Me Before, But Now I Have 30 Year Old Wizard Powers! is an RPG following a newly awakened mage named Orion. During the night of his thirtieth birthday, the protagonist dreams of his past from a previous life. Back then, he was a hero who vanquished the evil goddess that plagued the lands. In her last breath, the goddess accused the hero of knowing nothing more than how to kill and cursed him thereafter, condemning him to death if he doesn’t find love within two months. Despite his great accomplishments, none of the women he knew were interested. Eventually, the 2-month time limit expired and the curse bested Orion’s old self, ending his life.

Having remembered how people abandoned him in his past life, Orion becomes enraged and swears to take revenge. As his current self has now lived past thirty while remaining a virgin, he's gained access to magic powers, including the spell that stops time. Throughout the game, the player can explore the world as Orion, freely interacting with the various characters inhabiting it. The player can freeze or unfreeze time as they see fit, allowing Orion to freely abuse women or beat up men. Due to the nature of Orion’s powers, there’s no challenge present in the game, letting the player explore the world at their own pace, with thirty erotic scenes waiting to be discovered.

■ Story

At the age of 30,

Orio suddenly remembered the memory of

suffering from women in her previous life.

At the same time,

Orio's ability to stop time was awakened.

"This time... in this life...

I never make the same mistakes."

Then Orio's second life has begun...

■ Sexual Events

☆Married woman cheating at the inn

☆Fortune-teller in tool shop / shopkeeper's mom

☆Female adventurer waiting for friends

☆Working maid

☆Sister in church

☆Rich wife

☆Lake fairy

☆Queen in the royal palace

etc...29 women in total!

Women Hurt Me Before, But Now I Have 30 Year Old Wizard Powers! is now available on Itch.io for $9.99.

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