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Comedic Medieval Visual Novel Romeo Must Live Is Available on Steam 

Oh, happy dagger...

Play as Shakespeare’s Romeo while he tries to marry his love Juliet without dying in Little Black Book Entertainment’s Romeo Must Live.

Romeo Must Live is a visual novel dating sim very loosely based on the well-known Shakespearean play Romeo and Juliet. Just like the original, the game is set in Verona, 1570 where Romeo Montague has fallen head-over-heels in love with Juliet, the daughter of the Capulets. Only thing preventing him from romance is the ongoing feud between his family and hers. Now, Romeo is forming a plan to marry her without any complications, but that’s easier said than done for this star-crossed lover. It’s do-or-die and Romeo’s life is in your hands, but will he live long enough to make it to his wedding day?

In this romantic comedy, you’ll get to see a “reinterpretation” of the classic Romeo and Juliet, which replaces the tragedy and drama of the original play with insane and hilarious antics. Our hopeless Romeo is willing to put himself through any wacky stunt just to be with Juliet. Push him in the right direction, towards Juliet, or veer him off course completely. Both characters from Shakespeare's play and original characters of the game are in this work. There are ten endings in total and some of them can range from romantic to ridiculous.


- Beautiful hand drawn characters and backgrounds

- Gorgeous orchestral soundtrack

- A hilarious storyline with wacky yet lovable characters

- All set in Renaissance Europe, how many Visual Novels do that?

- Ten distinct endings. Some absurd and others romantic!

You can purchase Romeo Must Live on Steam for $6.99. There is also an 18+ patch that adds optional sex scenes that's available on Steam as free DLC.

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