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Sekai Project gives the sequel to Canvas+Garden’s bittersweet cafe story, Love’s Sweet Garnish 2, an English translation.

Love’s Sweet Garnish 2 is the sequel to the visual novel Love’s Sweet Garnish. While it was released back in October of last year, it has not been in English until now. The original game only focused on Niwasaka Rira and Shionomiya Richer, the two girls who offered to help at the café. This time around, the sequel will put the spotlight on Hoshigaoka Ciel and Inae Korone, Asakai’s classmates.

The first game follows Ogisawa Asaki, a young man starting out at a new school. When he finds out that his grandmother was forced to close down her café due to illness and hospitalization, Asaki decides that he wants to bring this old café back to life for his grandmother.

The sequel takes place during the summer. Milk Hall Caramella is as busy as ever, so Ciel and Koron have come in to help out with the workload. When Asaki’s grandmother’s health improves, she asks him if he would like to become her successor and run the café in her stead. Without any hesitation, Asaki makes it his goal to adamantly protect the Milk Hall Caramella.


- Fully voiced in Japanese (except main character)

- Opening and Ending theme song featuring Rira and Richer

- 1.5 times longer than the original Love’s Sweet Garnish

- Japanese and Traditional Chinese language support

- CG Gallery

- Music Gallery

- Character Designs by Miyasaka Miyu and Miyasaka Nako

- Four Routes

You can buy Love’s Sweet Garnish 2 on sale from Denpasoft and Steam for $14.44. On March 22nd, the sale on Steam will end and the game’s price will return to its usual $16.99 pricing. If you get the game on Steam, don’t forget there’s free 18+ DLC available on Denpasoft to add the adult content back into the Steam version of the game.

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