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An explorer climbs to the top of the Tower of God to find her lost memories in the new RPG published by Kagura Games, Explorer of Yggdrasil.

Created by the same developer of Niplheim’s Hunter - Branded Azel, Explorer of Yggdrasil is an RPG that follows an amnesic heroine Mei, who is exploring Yggdrasil, also known as the Tower of God. Yggdrasil is a tower that stretches above the clouds. Many years ago, a shooting star fell to the earth and, the very next day, the tower appeared right where the star landed. Many explorers journey there because they believe that all kinds of weapons can be found there.

When Mei saves an armless man inside the tower, the man somehow knows that Mei has lost her memories and that Yggdrasil is involved. After understanding her situation, she strives to get her memories back. The armless man, who is a competent mage named Gilles, accompanies Mei to the top of Yggdrasil so that she can find out the truth behind her amnesia.

Collect weapons, costumes, and new skills to get through the Tower of God. Challenge yourself with a unique new combat system and discover all the mysteries Yggdrasil has to offer.

Mei Chen

An airheaded adventurer with amnesia. She lost her memories but not her resolve, and with Gilles’s help she, intends to reach the top of the Tower of God and hopefully regain her memories.

She works some kind of night job that she doesn’t like talking about.

Gilles Anote

A mysterious armless man rescued by Mei. Self-proclaimed sorcerer.

He teaches Mei how to fight in between harassing her and has his own reasons for trying to reach the top of the tower. He doesn’t fight on his own, but he’s always there for moral support.


A cheerful shopkeeper who rescued Mei in the past. She also hooked Mei up with her job.

Now she has her sights set on Gilles…


A strange girl encountered inside the Tower of God.

How did a seemingly normal girl get so far alone?

You can buy Explorer of Yggdrasil on MangaGamer for the discounted price of $17.95, as well as Denpasoft, JAST USA, and Steam for $17.99, or FAKKU for $19.99. On March 19th, the sale on Steam will end and the game will return to its normal price of $19.99. If you plan to buy the Steam version, you can download the 18+ patch from Kagura Games.

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