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When Suzy summons a succubus through a cursed video game, the horny devil invites some friends over in Demons Rise Up!. A visual novel in development from The Berry Guild, with a demo available on

In Demons Rise Up!, you play as Suzy, a pro-gaming futanari who gets recommended a cursed video game titled, “Pet Demon Maker!” According to her friend, it was made by developers from Hell and, after you design your own pet succubus and input a special button combination, she will appear behind you. Eager to see if it would work, Suzy downloads the game from a cult website and customizes her very own succubus. After following all the directions to the letter, her very own succubus appears. Lina the succubus will be at her service. What Suzy didn't pay attention to was the warning on the website that says that the succubus will be bound to you forever. What happens when Suzy just wants to play video games, but Lina wants her futa cock? Lina calls up her demon friends up for some group sex with Suzy. They just have to get Suzy off of the game and onto the bed.

Demons Rise Up! is a kinetic visual novel with five sexy characters. Berry Guild plans for there to be full voice work for the characters and seven animated H-scenes. For the sex scenes, there will be futa x futa, futa x female, group sex, and a “solo futa scene.” A playful, smooth soundtrack will accompany the erotic and comedic scenes to match the mood. The visual novel will have 6,808 words and is estimated to last around thirty to forty-five minutes.

Fetishes/Kinks (Planned):

- Futanari (Futa x Futa / Futa x Female)

- Tomboy

- Harem

- Vibrator

- Succubus

- Masturbation

- Anal

- Paizuri

- Facials

- Oral Sex

- Teasing

- Piercings

- Ahegao

- Orgies

- Body Worship

- Defloration

- Creampies

- Gyaru

- Snuggling

- Handholding

- Tattoos

- Foot Worship

- Bondage

You can download the demo for Demons Rise Up! on If you want to see more from The Berry Guild, you can check out at the game’s progression on their devblog, or check out their website.

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