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Connect with others to explore their essence in Indoor Minotaur Productions’ Daughter of Essence, an erotic fantasy RPG now out on Steam.

Daughter of Essence is a dark fantasy RPG following Mercy Albath, a young woman from a wealthy family, who feels confined on her home island. Mercy is one of the titular daughters of essence, which means that she was born with the power to see and understand the essence of other beings, and could harness it for great power. The danger posed by this ability makes it so most nations in the world scorn the daughters and seek to either enslave them for their own use, or to kill them so that others can’t exploit their powers. This has made Mercy's family overprotective of her, causing them to limit what she can do and dictate how she should live to stay safe. With her mother trying to arrange a marriage for her, Mercy decides that enough is enough, and decides to leave the island on the next ship that comes to port.

Throughout the game, the player controls Mercy on her quest to find a new life and protect those she cares about. Given her natural powers, it is difficult for Mercy to find peace, and the world is already filled with danger as-is. As she travels, Mercy can help out other people in quests, uncover secrets, grow her adventuring party, and engage in tun-based battles against various opponents. The game’s combat uses an action time battle system, which decides the turn order in real-time based on each character’s stats and currently performed actions. Additionally, the effectiveness of player’s skills is partly decided by minigames attached to them. Victory in combat rewards Mercy with SP that the player can spend on stat improvements to customize Mercy's fighting style to their liking.

During her adventures, Mercy can connect with the essence of various men, women, and futanari by engaging in sexual acts with them. These scenarios are optional, and don’t affect the direction of the story.

Daughter of Essence is a story-driven JRPG set in a dark fantasy universe filled with meaningful choices, a diverse cast of intriguing and fully-realized characters, and erotically-charged, high-stakes adventures.

You play as Mercy Albath, a dangerous and spiteful young woman with a grim fate: she is the Daughter of Essence, and the world cannot abide such power running unchecked.

So run. Build your strength. Fight where you can, when you can. Gather powerful allies and fortify your position. Don't slow down, don't ask questions, and don't think about how much you're willing to sacrifice if you truly want to survive.


The Daughter of Essence is many things. The youngest child of a wealthy lord. A stubborn, rebellious and crass young woman. A skilled fighter and a wielder of elemental forces beyond comprehension. And a lonely soul, desperate to live a normal life, to be free, to be understood, and to protect the people she cares deeply about.

• 50 hours of story-driven content packed with interesting characters, difficult choices, and countless secrets

• Base-building elements with both narrative and mechanical ramifications

• Relevant and engaging sexual encounters with detailed long-form narration & illustrations

• Deep and interesting character building options, allowing for a huge variety of playstyles

• Sideview RPG combat with an Active Time Battle system and distinct timed-attack patterns for different weapon types and spells

• A large, complex world with many interweaving factions, races, religions and motivations

• Visually appealing and carefully crafted areas to lose yourself

Daughter of Essence is available for PC and Mac on Steam for $19.99. A demo of the game can also be downloaded from the store page if you wish to try it out before taking the plunge.

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