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Kinkoi: Golden Loveriche, Saga Planets’ romantic visual novel about a young man and an academy of nobility, now has a demo available for download on Steam and Denpasoft.

NekoNyan Soft is working with HIKARI FIELD to publish the visual novel dating sim Kinkoi: Golden Loveriche. In 2017, it won two Moe Game Awards in Japan for it’s art, music, characters, and story.

The Noble Private Academy is a boarding school where young men and women of great wealth and pedigree are educated not only in academics, but dignity as well. When a princess from a Northern European country is invited to attend the school, the academy tries to make a good impression. Strangely enough, the princess takes a liking to Ichimatsu Ouro, an ordinary male student, and makes him attend the Noble Academy alongside her. This was how Ouro started living in a small empty room in the women’s dorm.


Sylvia le Cruzcrown Sortilége Sisua is the princess of the Northern European kingdom “Sortilége” that takes an interest in Ouro. She’s a world famous pianist and has recently taken an interest in Japanese culture. While Sylvia is innocent, naïve, and ignorant to the rest of the world, she is an important guest in Japan.

Kisaki Reina is the trendy girl in Ouro’s class who tries to get along with everyone. She is popular with the boys in class, but she rather spend time with the girls. Reina enrolled in Noble Academy so that she could get into the fashion industry. Similar to Ouro, she is a commoner who isn’t part of a wealthy family.

The knight Heroina di Caballero istaa, also known by her nickname “Elle,” is Sylvia’s imperial guard. While she excels at martial arts and strength, she can be a klutz sometimes. Elle happens to have a short temper. She hates dirty jokes and when people make fun of her name.

Soma Ria is a foul mouthed delinquent from a different class as Ouro. A smoker that’s been suspended countless times, Ria seems to be bored of everything. Due to her cyclical personality, only people like Reina approach her.

An enthusiastic track team member, Kuryu Akane is the type of girl who won’t look before she leaps. She’s reckless and clumsy, but she believes her willpower and enthusiasm will overcome all obstacles. Everyone in the dorm sees Akane as a mascot of some sort.

Caminal le Pultaia Sortilége Sisua is Sylvia’s sister and the tenth princess of Sortilége. Mina is insightful and rather see people for their personal merits than their social or economical status, but she isn’t too fond of Ouro. She thinks he is undisciplined and not up to her standards, but she is always there to correct him on his bad habits.

Jogasaki Ayaka is the sadistic and mild mannered committee chairman of Ouro’s class. Daughter of a TV station president, she is what they would call “new rich.” Ayaka looks down on commoners and wishes the low class students, including Ouro and Reina, would leave Noble Academy. If anyone comments on how big her rear is, she’ll snap instantly.

Maria Bishop is a musical artist that Ouro is a big fan of. After her online debut, her music received over one hundred million downloads and won awards in Japan, the United Kingdom, and America. Considered to be the last diva in the Japanese music industry, Maria isn’t affiliated with any production company and all information on her is classified except from her music.

You can download the demo for Kinkoi: Golden Loveriche from Steam or Denpasoft. The game's planned release is May 2021.

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