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Hazel the witch tries to escape a prison with the aid of her cellmate and a paladin in Winter Wolves’ Tales From The Under-Realm: Hazel.

We first wrote an article about Tales From The Under-Realm: Hazel during the game’s Kickstarter campaign. Winter Wolves reached their goal of €1,000 (around $1,186 USD), all their stretch goals, and raised €10,652 (around $12,629 USD).

The story takes place in Aravorn, the same world Winter Wolves’ previous game, Loren The Amazon Princess, is set. The Nameless God, a mysterious creature with the ability to see the lives of the deceased, is our story's narrator. This time around, he has taken an interest in the fate of the witch Hazel, who has been imprisoned somewhere in Aravorn. Sharing the cell with her is another prisoner named Sasha. She’s a beautiful assassin, but can she be trusted due to sharing a similar predicament?

Hazel’s other option is to rely on Tori, the paladin interrogating her. Tori is the founder of an order of Templars and the leader of a witch hunting task force, but for some reason, Hazel feels a strong connection to her. Is it all in her head or can Tori be her ticket to freedom? No matter what choice she makes, it seems Hazel is doomed to die. Her soul arrives in the Under-Realm and into the clutches of the Nameless God. Is there anything she can do to escape this fate?

Her two love interests, Tori and Sasha, have relationship levels, with each girl having multiple endings. The final outcome depends on your choices throughout the game and how the well girls' relationships are leveled. Additionally, if a relationship level is too low for a certain choice, you may be unable to choose it, leaving you with lesser endings.

Tales Of The Under-Realm: Hazel features two love interests, Sasha and Tori. Each of them have multiple endings that are based on the choices the player makes during the game.

The Cast

Hazel - One of the last witches in Aravorn - at least, that's what the Council of Grimoire thinks. She's being held prisoner in the hopes that she'll spill what she knows about the rest of them. Now Hazel has to somehow find a way to protect her fellow witches and herself.

Sasha - Hazel's chatty cellmate. Though she seems to be an open book, she's actually rather mysterious. She hasn't had an easy life which is what ultimately led to her becoming an assassin for hire. Don't be deceived by her appearance, she has more than earned that title.

Tori - Once a Disciple of Truth, she left the temple on Mount Kronos to found her own order of Templars. Strong and determined, she is in charge of a task force responsible for hunting down any witches left in Aravorn.

You can buy Tales From The Under-Realm: Hazel on Steam for the discounted price of $10.79. After March 10th, the sale will end and the game will return to its original price of $11.99. There is also a free Uncensored Patch available as DLC.

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