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Puzzle Game DateJournal: Russian Girls Dating Sim Now Available on Steam

Find love in St. Petersburg in penciltape games’ DateJournal: Russian Girls Dating Sim, a puzzle dating sim now available on Steam.

In DateJournal: Russian Girls Dating Sim, the player takes the role of a young man or woman, looking for love in the city of St. Petersburg. The town is represented by a game board with points of interest dotted throughout. The player can play different cards to move along the board, with many cards also providing resources that can be used to improve the protagonist’s skills or purchase gifts and unlock dating locations. The player’s goal is to move to the tile currently occupied by one of the six love interests, in order to invite them on a date.

The dates take the form of a puzzle game. The player has to build affection with their love interest by collecting stars representing their personal characteristics, with each girl having her preferences as to which stars give her the most affection. Other pieces on the board may contain enemies that sap the player’s energy when being removed, broken stars that lower affection, or roses that increase the points gained. Picking one object reveals the board pieces behind it unless they’re being blocked by an enemy. Maxing out affection without running out of energy makes the date a success. As the player succeeds in dates, their relationship deepens, and the girl begins sending them photos of herself.

DateJournal combines a dating simulator with a board game and minesweeper.

Meet gorgeous girls, give them gifts, ask them out on dates, and level up your skills to win their hearts.

Each girl has her own wish list for her ideal partner: one girl wants a soulmate with broad shoulders and big biceps, while another one will go gaga over your ability to recite Kant from memory. So keep working to improve yourself, but if you want to try and win the girls over through sheer tenacity, knock yourself out!


- Meet 6 gorgeous girls, each with her own unique personality, opinions, and backstory

- Collect all 30 photos from the girls’ lives

- Get to know the girls better to unlock new outfits

- A variety of locations where Russia’s most romantic city – St. Petersburg – comes to life

- Life in the metropolis is about more than just dating, you never know what hilarious situation you’ll end up in next

- Minesweeper as a metaphor for dating. You need to steer clear of anything that might spoil your date: an annoying boss, pushy thugs, ornery old ladies, and other characters who stand between you and your future happiness.

DateJournal: Russian Girls Dating Sim is now available on Steam for $12.99. A demo of the game can be downloaded from the store page.

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