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A young heiress looks for a bride in Tuomo's Games’ Bride for the Princess, a dating sim visual novel now available on Steam and DLsite.

Bride for the Princess takes place in the fantasy kingdom of Trechearean, currently ruled by a senate of dukes and duchesses due to the departure of their late king, Heraclius II. The king has left only one heir, the princess Mary, whose crowning is due in twenty days. Wanting to cling to their power, the senate devised a new law that requires the heir to be married before they’re able to inherit the throne. While the senate hopes to use this law to force the princess into marrying one of the dukes, thereby granting them permanent control of the crown, Mary comes up with a way to spoil their plans: she’s going to find and marry another woman, an option which she already had a preference for.

Playing as the princess, the player has to explore the kingdom and develop a bond with the various women inhabiting it. There are seven love interests for Mary to choose from, including her closest maid, a bounty hunter, a jester, a wolf girl, and even a fairy. As the princess hangs out with her love interests, the time of day will pass, slowly bringing her closer to the coronation, by which point Mary needs to be wed. Spending time with the various characters leads to narrated events, which often require the player to make choices as to what the princess does. Certain choices may lead to bad endings, in which the princess is killed or abused by various dangers found in the fantasy world. If the player is successful in helping Mary establish a relationship, they will eventually see Mary consummate her love with the chosen partner.

The Trechearean Kingdom. A Kingdom that some time ago lost its ruler Heraclius II. The beloved king left behind a sole heir, a young maiden.

While at the moment the Princess has yet to be crowned as a Queen to inherit her right for the throne, the kingdom is currently ruled by the Duchies and Duchesses. These men and women have formed what is called a Senate, which currently holds nearly all the power of the Trechearean Kingdom.

With the upcoming crowning of the Princess into a Queen, it is becoming quite clear that the Senate does not want to let go off its power...

Bride for the Princess is now available for PC, Mac, and Linux on Steam for $4.99. The PC version is also available on DLsite, where it costs $6.11 (estimated from ¥660). A demo of the game is available on the store pages.

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