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Get rich quick and save the town from a demonic curse in the adventure RPG Lisa and the Grimoire, on sale now through multiple storefronts.

Developed by Yumenakon and published by Kagura Games, Lisa and the Grimoire follows the titular character, Lisa, who had lived in poverty and dreamt of living in leisure. Tired of that old lifestyle and hoping to not work another day in her life, she decided to be a treasure hunter so that she could find her next big break. When Lisa heard about a demonic artifact in Malheimr, she ventured there immediately, thinking this could be her opportunity to make bank. When she arrives, she finds out that the “Demon Grimoire” is already having an effect on the town. Now, it’s up to Lisa to break the curse brought forth by the artifact, while still securing enough money for the relaxing life she always dreamed of.

Lisa and the Gimoire is a classic RPG with turn-based combat. The game features a basic leveling system, with the ability to obtain passive and active skills as you progress through the game. There's also a system where you can craft items and equipment, as well as grow plants and harvest items.

Tired of living in poverty, Lisa becomes a treasure hunter.

One day, she hears about a demonic artifact located in an area known as Malheimr.

Hoping that this is her big break, she sets out immediately.

However, upon arriving, Lisa finds that the cursed "Demon Grimoire" is already having an effect on the town.

Now she must figure out how to break the curse, and get her big payday.


- Classic RPG Experience

- Turn-based Combat

- Leveling System

- Active and Passive Skills

- Craft Items and Equipment

You can buy Lisa and the Grimoire for $15.25 on MangaGamer and $15.29 on Steam, Denpasoft, FAKKU, and JAST USA. If you plan on buying the Steam version, there is an uncensored patch for the game on Kagura Games' website.

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