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Face the difficulties of corporate life in ohiyosoft’s My boss is weird, an erotic visual novel now available on Steam.

My boss is weird is a visual novel drama about the life of an unassuming young man. Having graduated from college with no distinguishing accomplishments, the protagonist entered a youth enrollment program and was sent to work at one of Japan’s largest companies. As he felt unqualified for his job, the young man found his new responsibilities overwhelming, but the worst was yet to come. One day, as he attempted to buy coffee from a vending machine at work, his coin slipped out of his hand only to roll into the women’s bathroom, where he then picked it back up.

Soon after, the company discovered that someone installed peeping cameras in the female bathrooms. The woman who discovered these cameras also saw the protagonist enter the bathrooms for a split second, and accused him of being the one who installed them. Despite footage from the security cameras proving his innocence, the protagonist became shunned by everyone in the company. At the same time, he gained powerful enemies, who don’t seem convinced of his innocence, or simply couldn’t stand his demeanor. With his already low self-esteem, these unfortunate circumstances sent the protagonist down a spiral of self-loathing, as he fights to grasp what little hope he has left to push himself along through life.

Story progression in My boss is weird is guided by the player making small, regular decisions. These choices often define what kind of approach the protagonist takes towards the given situation, and result in them either gaining or losing one of four resources: emotional intelligence, good will, strength, and money. If one of these values reaches zero, the player loses the game. Other than affect these values, some choices may also change the flow of the story by branching into alternate scenes.

Currently, My boss is weird features two lead heroines, full voice acting in Japanese, manga-style cutscenes, numerous explicit CGs, and one interactive sex scene. The game is being released in an episodic format, with only the first chapter being currently available.

At the moent, My boss is weird features only one chapter of the story, which is available for free on Steam. The second chapter is already in development, though it has no set release date, for now. The game’s adult content has to be installed separately by downloading a free DLC.

There is an additional paid drawing01 v2 DLC, costing $1.99, that adds a small feature to create "custom scenes" with three of the female characters; May, the supervisor, and Kate. It's purpose is, as described on the page, "to support the R&D team," with a "Gentleman Mode" given as a token of appreciation.

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