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Defend humanity as a superheroine in League of Maidens®, a free-to-play action RPG available now on Steam.

League of Maidens® is an ecchi action RPG developed by Maiden Gaming Inc. The game takes place in the near future, after humans have discovered and harnessed the powers of a mysterious stone. In doing so, they have also attracted the attention of a demonic entity named Atonia. In order to defend themselves against Atonia's invasion, the United Nations devised experiments to create humans capable of retaining some of the stone’s powers. The experiments proved successful on a handful of female participants, bringing about the League of Maidens: a group of superpowered heroines ready to defend the planet, so long as they don’t succumb to the evil sleeping deep within the stone.

In the game, players can create their own maidens and use their powers to defend Freedom City. League of Maidens® features a robust character customization system, allowing the player to pick from two factions and five classes, as well as to thoroughly customize the body shape of their heroine, with over two hundred sliders for various body parts available in the customization menu.

The player's chosen class determines what weapons and skills are available to them, with each having access to two weapons and three active abilities. The game’s combat system is its main focus, allowing players to dash, dodge, fly, cut, and shoot at hordes of corrupt monsters invading the Earth. Aside for its combat, League of Maidens® also contains robust photo and video modes, allowing players to share their heroines with others.

At the moment, League of Maidens® is in the alpha stages of development, as such, developers warn of many potential bugs and optimization issues, though they promise more content updates in the future. These will include new episodes of the main story, a third playable faction, and potential multiplayer.

The game is currently free-to-play, with all character classes and factions being available to everyone. A large majority of the cosmetic content in League of Maidens® has to be unlocked during play, often by using the game’s paid currency or by opening randomized loot boxes.

League of Maidens® also uses a stamina system, which limits the amount of time the player can spend in the game. The stamina limit recovers slowly over time, and can be renewed instantly using premium currency. Players can also gain unlimited stamina along with other bonuses by subscribing to the game's premium service, which also unlocks nudity. Content of the premium service is also available to the game's Patreon supporters.

League of Maidens® is free-to-play and can be found on Steam.

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