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Bring the continent of Dilmoon under your control and shape its people into your own image in Shattered Lands, a visual novel available on

Shattered Lands is a fantasy visual novel where you can make decisions, increase affection among your followers, and boost your stats. You play as Tiamat, a dragoness who has just awakened from a long slumber in Dilmoon, a continent of divided people. The humans are living in peaceful settlements under the rule of a church, while the orcs are living together in tribes, with spirits occupying the ruins, and just about everyone else is living in the deserts, caverns, or forests. The world has changed since Tiamat last saw it, but there's something inside her, urging her to bring everyone, regardless of race or class, under her rule. Whether it be done by force or persuasion, Tiamat will find a way to unite this already-broken continent.

At the start of the game, you can open the map and explore the open locations, with the ability to explore the forest countless times and get different results each time. You might just find gold coins lying around, monster girls wandering about, or nothing at all. When monster girls appear, you have the choice to either submit, attack, or flee. For some decisions, you will need a stat around a certain level to successfully complete a given action. The options will tell you what's required in order to accomplish these actions, and you can even bring up your stats by pressing the T key. To increase your stats, open your journal by pressing J, where you'll see Tiamat’s status menu, showing her stats, health, money, reputation, and days that have passed. There are four different stats that you can increase: charisma, intelligence, strength, and dexterity.

You can also learn more about the continent by speaking with Ixsy, a female goblin who owns her own tavern, Ixsy’s brothel and tavern. You can ask her for information on Dilmoon, the brothel itself, and whether Ixsy needs help with work. Eventually, she'll ask you to work at her brothel sometimes. You can earn gold by prostituting Tiamat by clicking on the stairs, leading to an H-scene with Tiamat with her customers. When you unlock the prostitution job, you'll obtain a mirror in Tiamat's cave that allows you to change her into different outfits and the ability to ask the girls in the brothel if they want to have sex. Additionally, you can bond with and increase your affinity with certain characters as you progress through their storylines and complete tasks for them. If you ever get confused about what to do next, you can check your main quest in your journal for guidance.


You awaken after an indeterminable amount of time as Tiamat, a Dragoness and heir to an unknown heritage. Emerging from the bowels of a mountain, you come face to face with the continent of Dilmoon. This world is filled with peaceful settlements of Humans, mysterious tribes of Orcs, ruins teeming with trickster spirits and scorching deserts, caverns, and forests populated with Naga, Goblins, Fae and various species of all shapes and sizes. You may not remember much about this world but there is a deep seated urge inside you, driving you to take these disparate and divided peoples and mold them in your image. How you choose to claim Dilmoon is up to you. Will you rule with an iron fist, casting all you encounter into debauchery and bringing whoever stands in your way to heel? Or will you use a lighter touch, showing everyone the joy that comes from the resplendent ecstasy borne of serving under your consoling caress? And what of your origins? Are you truly the last of your kind? A forgotten legend born anew? Answers, power, and unimaginable pleasures await you taking the reins, and starting the journey towards claiming what you know with the utmost certainty is your absolute, and undeniable birthright. Welcome to the Shattered Lands.


Shattered Lands is a new game in development by Eclipsed Works which consists of Blue_Eclipse and Lawelite. It is an erotic, choice driven visual novel that focuses on monster girls, relationships, compelling stories and meaningful, player driven decisions. We want to focus on characters, sexy stories and choice as a gameplay element. You'll play through the story, raise your attributes, meet interesting companions and sleep with a ton of people. Having a large amount of fun, sexy erotic content is a major goal of our studio as well.

Current Content:

- Player choice

- Character customization

- Companion and Npc customization

- Creampie

- Anal

- Yuri

- Futa

- Prostitution

- Glory Hole

- Corruption

- Voyeurism

- Pregnancy

- Lactation

- Egg-birth

- Nipple Fuck

- Ryona


- 3P

- Battle Fuck

- Cum Inflation

- Size Difference

- Bad Ends

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