Putting the "Joy" back in joystick

Save your homeland and find love in Team Syukino’s Euclyca, an urban fantasy RPG now available in early access on Steam.

Euclyca is an RPG set in a reimagining of the modern-day world, where magic and monsters exist. The player assumes the role of a young cadet enlisting at the Guardian Corps together with their best friend, in order to avenge his family and defend their home against the monster invasion. Throughout their adventure, the protagonist will be joined by six other characters, who will assist them in turn-based battles, as well as participate in optional, explicit events.

The early access version of Euclyca features six playable characters, an active time battle combat system, where turns and actions in battles are decided in real-time, as well as an option to disable random encounters, item crafting, auto-saves, and twenty adult scenes. The game allows the player to choose the gender of the protagonist and features various types of explicit content, including straight, lesbian, gay, and bisexual scenarios. All adult content in the game is optional.

Euclyca is a JRPG hentai game that has gay, straight, bi and lesbian interactions. All of which will be unlock-able by side-questing and never forced on the player. There is something for everyone!

*Disclaimer: All characters, regardless of their appearances are above the age of 18 and the legal age of consent.

This game is currently in v0.4.2 for all beta testers/players within early access.

Play as Ashe and enlist into the Guardian Corps alongside your best friend to defend your home against mysterious invaders. Meet new friends, make new enemies. Gather Items, Weapons and Armors to equip your six man team. Utilize unique abilities and dominate the battlefield in epic turn-based Active Time Battle combat. Do sensual side quests to unlock several sexy 18+ scenes that feature several different kinds of steamy sexy situations ranging from mild to wild.

Avenge your family, enlist in the Guardian Corps. Fight off your enemies, become the hero you always knew you could be and get laid in the mean time. Ah, what the hell. The choice is up to you.

Euclyca is available on Steam for the promotional price of $18.99 until the 1st of March, at which point it will cost $19.99.

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