...the fuck?

An English version of Hai kai hai’s netori-centric RPG, Moaning Wives, has been released and is available now on DLsite.

Moaning Wives is a simple RPG set in a fantasy town, in which the player controls a man obsessed with the idea of having sex with other men’s wives. Throughout the game, you get to explore the town and seek married women living within, whom you can invite to have sex with you. Some characters will be interested in cheating on their husbands, while others will have to be dragged by force. Once you’ve found a partner, you have to find a place they’ve mentioned in their dialogue as suitable, after which, you'll go back to look for the next potential partner.

In total, there are thirteen wives in the game to charm or abuse behind their husband's backs. While the game lacks a proper narrative, aside from the introduction sequence, each event will lead to a change in dialogue for the NPCs related to any of the wives. Additionally, the game features a recollection room allowing players to see past scenes again without having to replay the game.

13 Basic CGs

There is a gallery room in the hotel.

A no-battle, event-collecting RPG.

■ Story

This is...

This is a world full of wives...

If you like wives...

You will like this world too...

As long as you boldly invite wives,

Maybe they will...

What will happen?

■ Sexual Events

☆The wife getting water from the well

☆The wife waiting for her husband outside the Adventurer’s Guild

☆The wife praying to the goddess for her husband on the adventure

☆The old mayor’s young wife

☆The wife waiting for her husband to wake up


13 wives in total!

Moaning Wives is now available on DLsite for $8.38 (estimated from ¥880).

To make sure that the game installs and plays properly, you may have to configure your system to the Japanese locale. DLsite offers a handy guide on how to do so, which is available here.

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