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Uncover the mystery threatening a peaceful town in fushidara tei’s False Myth, an RPG published by Kagura Games on multiple storefronts.

False Myth is an RPG following the bizarre events in the life of Rogue, a traveling swordswoman, as she enters the city of Lylyan. Shortly after arriving in town, Rogue is detained by the niece of the town’s ruler, Rita, due to a misunderstanding. This event leads to Rogue witnessing an assassination attempt aimed at Rita, who she protects, but is stabbed by a syringe, the assailant's weapon, in her stead. The next day, Rogue awakens as a man due to the effects of the drug. What’s more, Rita is now infatuated with her, proposing that the swordswoman become her husband and guardian.

Throughout the game, the player controls Rogue as she acclimates to her changed body and slowly warms up to Rita’s proposal, while also making friends with the town’s other inhabitants, some of whom also find her appealing. At the same time, the pair will have to investigate the attack on Rita and protect the city.

False Myth features a turn-based combat system where players draw cards and arrange their actions from them. The game also features a collection of mini-games, including casinos, arenas, and fishing, as well as a job system allowing Rogue to earn her keep.


The hero of this story. Starts off as a woman, but is quickly turned into a man when he gets stabbed with a mysterious syringe while protecting Rita.

Being a great fighter and overall valuable asset to the city, Rita’s aunt quickly begins her plan of wedding Rouge to her niece. The latter has no objections, and though Rouge tries to fight back at first, he too quickly finds himself charmed by the young girl.


Became the governor of Lylan at a very young age following the death of her parents. She raised by her aunt, who also helps her run the city while Rita focuses on studying.Sees the world in a very black and white way, and has a sense of justice strong enough to oftentimes blind her.


Rita’s friend from a school for the children of nobles.

She was initially sent to spy on Rouge by his adversaries, but after finding out that the man’s not the villain she was lead to believe, she ends up falling in love with him instead -- much to Rita’s dismay.


The last member of Rita’s and Marika’s trio of friends. Quite a bit younger than the other two, and also extremely scared of men, to a point where she can’t even be around them, let alone talk to one.For some reason, Rouge turns out to be the one man Miria doesn’t mind. What could be the reason for that...?

False Myth is now available on Steam, JAST USA, FAKKU, Denpasoft, and Kagura Games' store for the promotional price of $22.49 until the 26th of February, at which point it will cost $24.99. The game is also available on MangaGamer for the promotional price of $22.45, where it will later cost $24.95 at full price.

Adult content for the Steam version of the game has to be installed separately, using a free patch available on Kagura Games’ website.

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