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EbonyDarkShadow is Developing the Furry Bara Visual Novel Remnant Soul

A man awakens from a confusing nightmare and begins to question both his memories and life in Remnant Soul, currently playable on

Remnant Soul is EbonyDarkShadow’s furry bara visual novel, currently still in development. In the game's demo, you start out as a nameless character that you don’t name until the end, though if you leave the name entry box blank and continue, Gladio will be the default name. Gladio is in the middle of a dream where he is surrounded in complete darkness: his body is completely immobilized and he feels cold, as though death itself is creeping in on him. Suddenly, two arguing white figures appear before him. Gladio calls out to them, but it seems like they can’t hear him. When he hears a different voice from the white figures, he tries to follow it.

Gladio wakes up to see Althruis, a canine beastman, on top of him, trying to wake him up. Althruis asks if he is okay, with a choice appearing afterwards. You can either tell him the truth and explain what happened in your dream, or lie about it. Afterwards, the two of you get yourselves ready for the day and prepare to head into the village.

A Lost Soul

Being left alone is always terrifying and cruel, but losing your memories of those dearest to you is even worse. In the end, you came out on top and still lived the life you deserved with those you love, at least that's what you think, right? Will you be able to accept the truth in the end if given the chance or will you break at the seams. The only thing you can do now is to keep living your life to the fullest and staying alive to figure out your past. Along the way who knows, your life could just be turned around in the best way possible, the question is. Who will you choose to help you?

You can play the short demo for Remnant Soul on If you want to see more of EbonyDarkShadow’s art, check out their Twitter.

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