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Employ soft drinks to fight monsters in 瀧音MELO’s DRINK BAR MAID -REGRESSION-, a gacha RPG published by WASABI entertainment on Steam.

DRINK BAR MAID -REGRESSION- is a science fantasy RPG set in a world suffering from the invasion of monsters referred to as LOD. Victims of their attacks lost their homes and were forced to evacuate into the only known safe haven: a complex of ancient ruins repurposed into an area simply known as the Base. The size and complexity of the ruins have kept the inhabitants of the Base safe for a time; however, some ruins have recently been raided by the LOD, likely due to the help of a traitor inside the Base. To save themselves from the incoming doom, humans have enlisted the aid of the drink barmaids, or DBM, who are female, anthropomorphized drinks wielding fantastic powers capable of repelling the LOD.

As an administrator of the Base, the player has to manage teams of up to three DBMs and send them out on missions to stop the LOD invasion. Each of the game’s missions consists of a single combat encounter. The fights play out automatically, with the DBMs attacking and using their abilities, depending on the circumstances. Victory rewards the player with a currency that can then be used to purchase randomized rewards from the game’s gacha system, including new playable DBMs, as well as items used to level them up.

Pulling characters in DRINK BAR MAID -REGRESSION- can only be done using an in-game currency, with no microtransactions using real money in place. As the heroines are unlocked, they'll grant the player access to new side stories, revealing more about the world and their lives. Each DBM is also featured in an erotic scene, which can be discovered by having them lose on a specific mission, leading to the heroine being abused by the enemy.

■Basic Explanation:

This game is an auto-battle RPG that has the elements of both browser-based games and social-network games.

Attack the enemies by obtaining DBM via gacha and making them stronger! Win the battles by figuring out the good combinations of skills!


・Use materials to level up and obtain powerful skills.

・The game employs an easy auto-battle system. All you have to do is click.

You can play with diverse strategies through different skill combinations.

・1 team must contain 3 different characters. You can go into battle by creating various formations.

・This game employs gacha system similar to that of social-network games.

DRINK BAR MAID -REGRESSION- is now available on Steam for $14.99.

Adult content for the game has to be installed separately using a patch available on the publisher’s website.

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