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Disclaimer: This article is about a bundle organized by MonsterBox, who is associated with Critical Bliss, a publishing company owned by LewdLogic, the owner of LewdGamer. Critical Bliss is also the publisher of some of the games included in the bundle, as noted next to their listing in the article.

MonsterBox has organized The Lusty Hearts Lewd Bundle, a Valentine’s Day collection of lewd titles, sold together at a highly reduced price.

The day of love is upon us, and to celebrate the occasion, MonsterBox has come together with nineteen adult developers to offer a Valentine’s Day gift of their own: The Lusty Hearts Lewd Bundle. For the next sixteen days, you can get access to a collection of up to twenty-seven adults-only products, including games, books, and comics, grouped together into five pricing tiers.

By paying anything you’d like, with the minimum of $0, you can gain access to:

Cursed Hentai Game by MonsterBox ($1.00)

The Couch by Momoiro Software (sold under "name your own price".)

Elf Enchanter: Arousing Anima by Belgerum ($1.00)

Future Fragments by HentaiWriter (sold under "name your own price".)

The Last Sovereign by SierraLee (sold under "name your own price".)

Overwhored by OutbreakGames (sold under "name your own price".)

For $15 or more, you will also gain access to:

The Adventures of Kincaid by cookiedraggy ($5.00)

Codex Libido: Oriens, an artbook by Siluman Soft ($5.99)

Indecent Lives of Monster Girls, a book by outismedia ($2.50)

Lewd Leaf Land - Maple Tea Ecstasy by Ahegames ($4.20)

Monster Girl Hunter by MonsterBox ($5.00)

For $30 or more, you will also gain access to:

Crimson Gray by SierraLee ($9.99)

Demon King Domination by Belgerum ($4.99)

A Night With A Bat Girl by furrgroup ($10.00)

Sylvie's Bar: Valentine's Day Special (PREORDER), a comic by outismedia.

For $40 or more, you will also gain access to:

Holodexxx: Experimental by Holodexxx ($29.99)

Irresistible by Hotpink ($5.00)

Lucy Got Problems by FlatChest ($7.99)

Siluman Fantasy by Siluman Soft ($7.99)

Snow Daze by OutbreakGames, published by Critical Bliss ($10.00)

For $60 or more, you will also gain access to:

Give an imp a chance by BuxomDev ($5.00)

The Grim Reaper who reaped my Heart! by Kamuo ($17.00 for the uncensored version with swimsuits.)

Our Apartment by Momoiro Software, published by Critical Bliss ($5.00)

Something To Do With Love by Kabangeh ($19.99)

Steamy Sextet by Belgerum ($2.99)

Tentacle Tower Defense by alynte ($12.50)

Pieces of my Heart by Kinky Fridays, published by Critical Bliss. ($9.99)

You can purchase The Lusty Hearts Lewd Bundle on until the 2nd of March. The developers aim to raise $690 through sales of the bundle, and have raised about $363 at the time of writing.

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