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Alicesoft has announced the cancellation of the Steam release of the sequel to their previous fantasy RPG, Evenicle 2.

Evenicle 2 is a fantasy RPG developed by Alicesoft. The game takes place in a world overrun by monsters, where humanity’s only hope is in the efforts of magically gifted individuals referred to as sentinels; however, as the sentinels use their powers, they will eventually succumb to the hero syndrome, which makes them falls sick with various, sometimes absurd, and sometimes deadly illnesses.

In most cases, any illness caused by the hero syndrome will eventually relapse, no matter how much it's treated. The only exception to this is an extremely rare ability called Medica, wielded by the game’s protagonist, Alex, allowing him to fully cure the hero syndrome; however, Medica can only be applied through sex, and in the world of Evenicle 2 having intercourse is synonymous to becoming married. As such, the protagonists’ quest to save victims of the syndrome becomes a high fantasy adventure of building a harem.

The English release of Evenicle 2 was first announced in July of 2020 when the game’s developer Alicesoft revealed their plans to produce a localized version of the game for Steam, as well as to publish a demo of the first seven chapters of the game, titled Evenicle 2 - Clinical Trial Edition. The demo released successfully in August of the same year, but one of the explicit scenes present in the early portion of the game had to be removed in order to appease Valve.

It appears that since then, Alicesoft and Valve were unable to find common grounds, as Alicesoft has now published a tweet announcing that the Steam release of Evenicle 2 has been canceled. The tweet reveals that Steam has rejected their listing due to some of the adult scenes present in the game. Despite this, the developers reassure that they still plan to release the game, and will do so through different storefronts.


While the Steam release of Evenicle 2 has been canceled, the Steam demo of the game, Evenicle 2 - Clinical Trial Edition, is still available for download.

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