If you build it, they will cum

Match up characters just right and have them fuck in the perfect location in MatchThem, available on Itch.io.

MatchThem is a simple game where you pick one male character and one female character to have them fuck. There are twenty female characters and ten male characters — each one having their own preferences when it comes to the location and who they are matched with. Certain locations will have more privacy than others while other locations will be completely open to the public. Additionally, there are locations which are more scenic and clean than others. Some characters prefer places that are more private and pleasant, while others just don’t care where they fuck.

Female characters are more picky when it comes to what the guy has to offer, even having an opinion on how much money a guy has and how big his dick is. The man’s profile will list off how well off and how well endowed he is. First match up the characters according to their preferences, then choose a location for them to fuck at.

When you choose a good location, the chosen characters will have a short dialogue and be given three choices for sex positions: missionary, doggy style, and reverse cowgirl. You will only have missionary for now as you need to level up your characters to learn new sexual positions. One you make your choice, click the “fuck” button at the right side of the screen to earn 0.1 point per click. Once you think you have earned enough points with this pair, click the “cum” button to finish. If done correctly, you will receive a few bonus points. However, if you end it too early, you won’t earn points.

If you pair off characters that are a bad match or in a bad location Mr. Deadbird, the developer, will drop down with his shop and offer to sell you items that you can buy with points. These items can make the characters care less about appearances and location and get them in the right mood. There is also the option to give up if you don’t have enough points or just don’t feel like spending any on items.

After every date, whether it is successful or not, a character’s energy will be depleted by one. To recharge their energy, you just need to talk to them and answer their questions correctly. Another thing you can spend your points on is additional characters, as you start the game with just one male and female character, and one hundred points. Among the purchasable characters are original and parody characters based on fiction and real life.

With its minimalist game style, MatchThemt allows you to know a wide variety of characters, from Bussines executives to Zombies and Aliens!

- With a Simple game style, you just Match Them!

- If they get tired of fucking just talk to them a little, it will make them feel better and you'll get to know them.

- They will level up and learn new poses if you show them that you are paying attention!

You can find the beta of MatchThem to download and play on Itch.io. If you enjoy it, consider checking out, Mr Deadbird’s Patreon.

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