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Solve the mystery of a summer island and the threat of a depraved killer in Dead Dating, a horror adventure game on Itch.io.

Dead Dating is a bara BL horror adventure game, in which you play as Max (whose name and sprite are both customizable), a young man who has received a threatening letter from someone while he was at work. It's taken a big toll on his life to the point that he had to take a temporary leave from his job. He receives a flyer from his friend Tomas about a summer gay dating contest, offering 100,000 euros as the prize. Apparently, Tomas can’t attend the contest, so he’s letting Max go in his place. After all, it would do him some good to go outside and meet people, after being anxious about the letters he's been receiving.

After arriving at the meet-up, Max is greeted by the host of the contest, a drag queen named Spear, who introduced four of the other contestants. The hunks that will date and compete against Max for the prize money are the police officer, Frank; the professor, Dr. Don Johnson; the UMF fighter, Alexander; and the fitness model and amateur rugby player, Karl. With so much eye candy and a luxurious villa to spend the summer in, this island is just like paradise. When Max enters his room and unpacks his luggage, he finds a note waiting for him inside, which reads “You thought you could get rid of me, didn’t you?” It seems whoever left him the first note followed him to the island.

The gameplay in Dead Dating is like a cross between an adventure game and a dating sim. After the story portions of the game, you are given the option to explore and investigate certain areas. You can take the time to move to different locations, talk to certain characters, and solve puzzles. When you explore different areas of the map, you can find clues, collectibles, and other items. Clues can lead you closer to what's going on in the story, while there are items that can help you get closer to another character, which can be hidden well and rotated when examining them.

When you speak to other characters, you'll have a limited time to choose your dialogue options, with your choice affecting your relationship with them. Say something that they like and they’ll start to like you back. When you are teamed up with one of the guys, they will provide more clues and insight during investigations.

Another gameplay mode is the rescue activity, which involves a puzzle and a sex game that was provided by the killer. One of the guys will be abducted and restrained, and it's up to you to save them by providing the restrained target with pleasure by using the tools provided. If you do it correctly, the man will be freed; fail, and he will die.

You can get more information on and play the final demo of Dead Dating on Itch.io. If you enjoy it, then consider checking out Ryu’s Patreon page.

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